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By all known criteria, Richard Ford is officially a Great American Novelist.

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Richard Ford recently exchanged emails with Deborah Treisman, who has been his editor at the magazine since 2004, on the subject of his new book, “Let Me Be Frank with You,” a series of four novellas. Second was that during the promotional tour for my last novel, “Canada,” a surprising number of people who showed up to have books sned said, quite touchingly (to me), that they wished I’d write another Frank Bascombe book.

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The 1995 sequel, Independence Day, became the first novel in American history to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and PEN/Faulkner Award in the same year.

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As he tries to explain in his own meandering way, everyone touched lately by his unexemplary life seems bent on destroying the equanimity he finds in suburban anonymity.

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